Southfork MX Away Ride

FORPWC will be at Southfork MX Saturday and Sunday, June 4th & 5th.  SouthFork-Color

It has been a while since most of us have ridden due to all the rain, so get you gear ready, get the bikes fueled up and join the club at SFMX

Fees are $25 per day per rider, and remember this will be a Friends and Family event, so if they have a dirtbike and know how to ride it, invite your brothers, sisters, cousins, and neighbors.  They will all have a great time.

One thought on “Southfork MX Away Ride

  1. Wow!!! Another great weekend at Southfork MX! John, Connie, and crew did it again. FORPWC was treated to a well groomed and watered track and was delighted with the latest changes to the track layout. Everyone enjoyed themselves and really enjoyed the freeze pops on a hot day!!!

    We can’t thank Southfork MX enough for the generous hospitality and friendly atmosphere. Can’t wait to be back in July!

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